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🎥 Best Picture Academy Award winners and nominees

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My Projects




Best Books on Life & Business

Release Checklist Template

AGILE meeting goals

Productivity Tips & Tricks

🗂 Prioritization Matrix


⭐️ Garden Project

Copy of Copy of ⭐️ My Projects


Kanban Template

Lepekhin Studio

Therapy Journal Template

Morning Mantra by Lex Fridman

幸福生活 RAID Log

Content Creation Flow Template

Therapy Journal Template

🍿 Art

Design Studio Strategy

🎁 My wishlist

🍔 Лучшие рестораны Тюмени

Trip Plan Template

☕️ Лучший кофе Тюмени

Project Plan Template

Eisenhower Matrix


Productivity Tips & Tricks

SWOT Analysis

AARRR Framework

Product Vision

My travel list template

Disney Method

Reading List Template


Eisenhower Matrix

Simple CRM

Best Books on Life & Business

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PEST Analysis

1×1 Meetings

How to Make a Room Green

New Hire Onboarding

University Knowledge Template

City Guide

Classic Agile Retrospective

⏱️ How to Effectively Conduct Work Meetings

StarCraft 2: build orders and tips & tricks


OKR 101


GTD 101


Year in Review

Habit tracker

Simple notebook


SMART goals


Bond & Build: Forming Power Partnerships

12 Steps to Launch a Business Venture

Beat Writer's Block in 21 days

Make Sleep Your Superpower

Start Cognitive Journaling

Read “War and Peace”

Read one poem a day for 30 days

30 Days of Coding

ZEN Mode

Plan Yearly Content

100 Push ups

3 minutes morning exercise

30 Days Mindfulness Challenge

30 days of calorie counting

30 Days to Finish Duolingo Tree

50 дней без никотина

7-Day Plan to Organize & Prioritize Tasks for Productivity

75 Hard - Motivation and tips.

A 30 Day Yoga Journey | Adriene

artpacan 1

artpacan 2

Books over media

Clean up your room!

Cold Shower

Cold Shower Challenge

Cold showers

Colored ABCDE method

English every day

exercise every day

Finish the day

Guitar Practice: Fretting Hand

How to make teamwork more effective

just develop a game

Language learn daily

Learn Design History in 20 Days

Learn German

Making writing a habit

meditate every day

Meditation journal

Minimalism game

No coffee

No Pornography Challenges.

Push up 35 days challenge

Read 10-15 pages of book daily

Read 2 articles daily

Read one article a day

Run 10km from zero

Run every day

Sleep well

Start a New Habit (Atomic Habits)

Start with Japanese

Study 7 hrs

Study daily

The Most Important Daily Reminder

Three Good Things


Walk 15k Steps Daily

Watch season 1 of Gravity Falls series

Watch/read one lesson of the course

Write every day your 10 goals for 30 days

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