Six Thinking Hats. Template for team brainstorm

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This is template for brainshtorming by using Six Thinking Hats method by Dr. Edward de Bono.

Created by Daler Aliyorov from Timestripe Team.

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Cheat sheet: brainshtorm strategy

  1. Initial Ideas: Blue, White, Green, Blue.
  2. Choosing between alternatives: Blue, White, (Green), Yellow, Black, Red, Blue.
  3. Identifying Solutions: Blue, White, Black, Green, Blue.
  4. Quick Feedback: Blue, Black, Green, Blue
  5. Strategic Planning: Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Green, Blue.
  6. Process Improvement: Blue, White, White (Other People's Views), Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Blue.
  7. Solving Problems: Blue, White, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue.
  8. Performance Review: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue.

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