Make Sleep Your Superpower

by Daler Aliyorov

For the last couple of years, I've been feeling like I haven’t had enough sleep. There are days when I lie in bed for a long time after waking up, and only after such a long swing I can say that I start feeling good enough to get up.

When I was a child, many adults in my environment often talked about the importance of sleep: “you need to go to bed before nine”, “do not stay up late, it is harmful”. They said it was necessary to sleep, but they did not explain why. When I grew up and could control my own sleep, I naturally neglected it. Instead of going to bed, I was playing games, watching movies, preparing for my exams at night.

We think of sleep as something that can be sacrificed. We say, “I’ll get some sleep this weekend.” We may have this attitude to sleep since we do not fully understand how it works and affects our lives. The goal of this climb is to take the first step toward better sleep. Figure out how it works and try to improve it a little.

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