Project management

Plan long-term to find hidden opportunities. Connect knowledge and time to your goals and tasks.

Get the power of long-term

See the whole picture: plan on different timeframes and link short-term tasks to strategic goals. Never lose sight of what brings the best result.

Everyone stays updated

Assign goals to your team, keep track of time, knowledge, and colours to achieve clarity in your team. With Timestripe, context is always fresh.

Break goals into manageable tasks

Turn project milestones into list of small steps to reach objectives faster. Use Timestripe's advanced subgoals to build roadmaps that actually work.

Everything that your team needs for success

All-in-one workspace for clarity

Everything stays connected: your tasks, milestones, assignees, knowledge, and time actually work for your goals.

Agile scheduling

Use timeframes to turn to-do into done exactly when it's planned to happen.

Timestripe note edit example

Powerful docs

Subgoals, rich-text, pictures, embedded links — enhance your goals with knowledge.

Templates to kickstart

No need to set-up your own systems: just grab one of templates and jump into workflow immediately.

Stay on top of your timetable

Manage your team's time efficiently with easy timeblocking.

Data-driven productivity

Get your own productivity statistics: it's like having a personal coach with the app.