Frequently asked questions

Can I collaborate with people in Timestripe?

Yes! Also you can create individual Spaces to manage your team's projects. You can easily invite others to join your Spaces and work on plans together, making it easy to coordinate and track progress towards your shared goals.

Also you can share board and turn on Collaborative board feature. It will enable everybody who has link to the board to edit content of board.

How to restore deleted tasks

If a task has been deleted it can be restored. Here are the steps:

  • Click on “Settings” in the left sidebar.
  • Select “Deleted Goals” from the Settings menu.
  • A list of selected tasks will be displayed. Locate the task you want to restore.
  • Click on the context button on the right side of the task, then select “Restore”.
  • The task will be returned to your task list.

How to see all of my goals (past/upcoming)

We've got Calendar view for this purpose. This view enables you to see all your past goals as well as upcoming ones. If you want to switch between past and upcoming goals, use 'Reflection/Future thinking' switch. This mode works only on desktop.

Is there a two-way synchronization with Google Calendar

Right now we don’t have a two-way synchronization with Google Calendar. We plan to implement it in 2024. Meanwhile, you can connect Timestripe to your calendar, so all of your tasks will appear there as all-day events at the top of the list. Follow this guide in Settings to do it.

How to search for a task or text within the boards

To search for a task or text within your boards, follow these steps:

  • Press the "F" key on your keyboard. This will bring up the search input and display the search results.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the Search icon located in the left sidebar to access the search function.

Remember, you can search for both tasks and text within your boards using these methods.

How can I make working in Timestripe faster?

Grab templates from Gallery! Find what suits you, and start using it in a blink of an eye. Templates for GTD and OKR are inside this goal.

Can I attach files to goals?

Yes! In fact, we also support embedded links, text editor and so on. Video going over details is inside.

Can I plan other things in Timestripe?

Yes! You can plan anything in Timestripe: holidays, educational courses, etc. Seeing the big picture has never been easier.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! Take Timestripe with you everywhere. Click to find links and QR codes for app inside.

Here's link for App Store and for Google Play.