I have a lot
of time

Not really. If you take the number of years you have lived and subtract it from the average life span, you will be surprised how little time is left to achieve your goals. Timestripe shows how fast the time flies and motivates you to start implementing your dreams and goals today.

From birth till the end
Once authorized, you will have access to your personal calendar that shows the elapsed and remaining years based on the average life expectancy data.

Hover over the year
How old will you be in 2030? What is the best time to buy a new car? When will you pay off the mortgage? Timestripe will tell.

Crystal-clear design
The minimalist interface allows for a constructive and honest conversation with yourself and helps to find the exact wording of what is really important to you.

Achieve more with Timestripe

Horizons is an innovative calendar mode, that help you stay focused, while seeing the big picture. Join Timestripe today and get a clear vision of what little steps you have to make to release your big dreams.

Climb to your dreams

Big goals require a good plan, consisting of small, measurable and clear objectives. Now Timestripe helps you climb to your dreams! Introducing the Timestripe Climbs: smart educational programs for all kinds of goals. Fitness and health, finance and career, relationships and awareness.

And other beautifully crafted features

Timestripe Clock
A beautiful meditative mode designed to help you fight the mess in your life and achieve a balanced state of mind while watching how your time flows. Take a look at the preview version.

Dark mode
Calm your eyes at night: the timestripe supports your favourite dark mode. And, as always, it's even more beautiful in the dark.

Mobile experience
Set new goals, make notes and review your plans wherever you are with the help of the mobile-friendly adaptive layout.

User Reviews

More than 50,000 people used Timestripe to change their lives for the better.

This is at once macabre, pragmatic, and motivating. Great idea.

Ken Wallace @boaticus

Timestripe is divine.

ya Maximov @yamaximov

The interface is beautiful. Very well thought out content (Shie got me all pumped up to get shit done). The overview idea is amazing.

Sumit Hegde

You need this.


Brilliant idea to remind us not to waste any time.

Thomas Mak 2mon

Timestripe beta kicks ass... So little time, so much to do.

Mihaek Tomic @tomic_mihael

By the way, timestripe is excellent. Nothing motivates like the impending and inevitable death.

Maksym Lupashenko @_snowdenny

Timestripe is cool. Makes you think about the time.

Evgeny Starikov @strcv

You have improved my life.

Max Nagliy

Funny how this way of looking at the calendar makes you want to plan something and take action!

Joao Piedade @jp3dro

Looks absolutely great!!

Jochem Gietema @gietema

A calendar app made in Russia is in no way chill (as expected).

Anthony V. @fascinated

This if so depressing I love it.

Max Barnash @judahomie

Timestripe cross out the days, minutes, hours, years... Very motivating calendar.


Very cool.

Artut Dubro @memphys

Really excited about how Timestripe will help me think more bigger picture.

Taylor McKnight

Timestripe gives you a disturbingly pleasant feeling of memento mori. Love it.


Attraction and horror room. Very, very scary.

Sasha Yakovlev

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!


This is the best motivator and personal effectiveness trainer.

Konstantin Evstratenko

Timestripe just made me realise how potentially short my life can be. It’s a hauntingly beautiful app that I highly recommend.

Raden Sucalit @brownmestizo

Amazing project for setting goals in the context of your life.

Valentin F @kuschilop

This is more than just a calendar. It is a personal trainer who is not sleeping, not eating, and is not distracted from my life. Guys, there are no words. Applause!

Sergey Sukhov

If we consider this project as a motivating planner, it is definitely the most motivating and it does affect your desire to move faster. Running seconds before the deadline work very well, a strikeout principle always reminds of the non-return and also pushes the activity.

Lylia P

This is the best calendar.

Maxim Ilyahov

Generally cool thing — it makes you think and, in general, motivates. Immediately want to start doing something.

Georgy Davitaya


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