• Vova Fyodorov

How to not pay for Timestripe PRO

1. Bypass the 5 goal limit

Well, sometimes this limit makes sense: more than 5 goals in one Horizon can be overwhelming. But if you want more, just paste a list when creating a goal.

2. Create unlimited boards

Boards are perfect for setting up a project, team brainstorm, database, and so on. Here's how to bypass the 3 boards limit: grab as many templates from the Gallery as you want. This bug hasn't been fixed yet.

3. Hack the backgrounds

Instead of choosing PRO backgrounds, you can upload your own! Find this option at the end of the background gallery.

4. Touch the rainbow

If you want to put PRO colours to work for free, here's a tip: go to Coloured goals menu, and duplicate the goal with a PRO colour.

P.S. if you don't have any goals with PRO colour, find them in templates from the Gallery.

5. Unlimited planning for $0

Bypass the 5 subgoal limit by using the 'Make it a subgoal' feature. Break down complex goals into manageable tasks with unlimited subgoals.


These are legit ways to bypass basic free plan limits. Eventually, we'll get them all fixed.

At this moment, we're focused on delivering new features and making Timestripe the perfect workspace for everyone.

We are grateful to all Timestripe users for their contribution ❤️