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Use cases / Team collaboration

How to use Timestripe to collaborate with your team

Create individual Spaces to manage your team's projects. You can easily invite others to join your Spaces and work on plans together, making it easy to coordinate and track progress towards your shared goals.

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Step 1. Create the Space

Hover over the icon in the top left corner → Click the Create Space button (circle with a plus sign) → Give your Space a name and choose a design.

Step 2. Invite your team mates to Space via Magic Link

Enter the settings for your Space → Click “invite” → Press “Copy” → Paste the link to your friend:

Step 3. Assign a person for a task

Choose any task you like → Click the icon with dots → Press “Assign” and click the person you need:

Step 4. View multiple Spaces at once

This feature helps you to pile up all the tasks from multiple spaces in one place. Just point the mouse the Space you need → Click Shift + Left-clicking.

Step 5. Manage the members of the Space

If you are the owner of the Space you can remove people from Space. Go to Settings → Members → Then choose the person you want to remove from Space:

Step 6. Use board templates

You can use templates to create a board. With one click, you can create a Kanban board or a project plan board. In the board gallery you will find a dozen useful boards for different work scenarios.

User Reviews

More than 50,000 people used Timestripe to change their lives for the better.

I honestly say that this is the most powerful platform I have found for personal planning, but beyond that, creating a long-term clear path to your ultimate goals in life.

Jose-Elias Alvarez @BeyondResilie

Feels like one of my best investments this year.


Timestripe is divine.

ya Maximov @yamaximov

The interface is beautiful. Very well thought out content (Shie got me all pumped up to get shit done). The overview idea is amazing.

Sumit Hegde

You need this.


Brilliant idea to remind us not to waste any time.

Thomas Mak 2mon

You have improved my life.

Max Nagliy

Keeps me moving faster than any other tool I used.

Max Slch @maxslch

A perfect tool to boost your productivity.

Constant Druon @constant_druon

Funny how this way of looking at the calendar makes you want to plan something and take action!

Joao Piedade @jp3dro

Looks absolutely great!!

Jochem Gietema @gietema

Timestripe cross out the days, minutes, hours, years... Very motivating calendar.


Really excited about how Timestripe will help me think more bigger picture.

Taylor McKnight

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!


This is the best motivator and personal effectiveness trainer.

Konstantin Evstratenko

Amazing project for setting goals in the context of your life.

Valentin F @kuschilop

This is more than just a calendar. It is a personal trainer who is not sleeping, not eating, and is not distracted from my life. Guys, there are no words. Applause!

Sergey Sukhov

If we consider this project as a motivating planner, it is definitely the most motivating and it does affect your desire to move faster. Running seconds before the deadline work very well, a strikeout principle always reminds of the non-return and also pushes the activity.

Lylia P

This is the best calendar.

Maxim Ilyahov

Generally cool thing — it makes you think and, in general, motivates. Immediately want to start doing something.

Georgy Davitaya

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