Build a Positive Attitude

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If you've you've thought to yourself, “I wish I was happier,” or “It would be nice to be more positive about my life,” this is your chance! Take the challenge and turn your fears, worries, and doubts around right now.

Choose happiness.

This may sound strange, but when something happens in your life, you get to choose if it is a positive or negative experience for you. Even if it is something bad, you can choose what your take-away is; what you can learn from it or what positivity you can take away from it.

- Where? Instead of looking outward for happiness and positivity (e.g.- a good job, a nice house, money), look inward (e.g.- contentment, pride, intelligence).

- When? Make happiness and positivity your top goal, search and look for it all the time. Linger on little positive moments, seek out the knowledge and skills from the world and others.


Even if you don't feel it completely, find a reason to smile and let that positivity help with an instant attitude boost. Smiling releases feel good hormones in your brain like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Instead of waiting for something positive to come along to boost your day, be that positivity for yourself and for others.

- Think of the funniest joke you know.

- Remember a happy memory.

- Look at pictures or mementos that make you smile.

- Read an uplifting story.

Change your emotional language.

Maintaining your positivity may be as simple as changing the language you use when discussing how you feel. Make sure you are not using mediocre words, really identify how you feel and use more descriptive emotional words to convey it. For example, don't feel “okay” or “fine,” feel “great” or “amazing!”

Get professional help.

If you have tried to gain or maintain a positive attitude but you find that you are always feeling down, sad, or crying, it may be time to consider getting a psychologist to speak to. Alternatively, if you are a positive person and you have been maintaining a positive attitude, but a recent event has made that difficult, it may also help to talk to a professional.

Professional mental health workers, like psychologists or counselors, are trained to help you discover what is happening and help you reach your goal of getting back to your positive self.

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