Do nothing

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One of the best things you can do for personal productivity is to find room on your daily to-do list for the 'Do nothing' task.

Literally. Carve out some time, sit down and do nothing (not to be confused with relaxation).

What is commonly called "the success" is more often expected at the finish line of long races. And the most crucial factor for long-distance performance is energy.

Doing nothing = training your body to switch from external to internal stimuli. External stimuli take your energy away, following internal stimuli make you even more energised.

Doing nothing is your most important task for today.

About the Program

This is not yet another online course. There will be no long boring videos, no huge articles, no tedious homeworks... This is not about just learning new things, this is about achieving your goals and releasing your dreams. You'll be onboarded into the innovative goal-oriented planner app loaded with sets of small easy-to-follow steps, that will lead you to result.

Have a clear path

This course is designed for you to have a clear vision of what you have to do today to enjoy the results tomorrow.

Manage your life with skill

Learning is effective only if deeply integrated in your everyday life and correlates with your long term goals. Track your learning progress and sync it with your personal outcomes to find your perfect way to success.

Make small valuable steps

We believe in the power of small steps. This course is built to fit overloaded schedule of busy and successful people. Every step requires less than 1 hour of your time per day.

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